Summer Goals

KatieParkI called 2016 the year of follow-through. I saw my 30th birthday approaching (it’s now exactly one month past!) and found myself sliding back to the same unstable employment circumstances I’d had 5 years ago. My boyfriend asked what happened to the “impulsive” me who had lived in France and took off for Oregon and that surprised me. On perfect spring days, I would lock my bike outside of my office and then forlornly trudge inside to sit at a desk under fluorescent lights. Early in the year I said, what the hell, I’m an adult and I’m going to do the things I want to do.

I started some of those things early in the year, and posts about them are forthcoming (or maybe this entire blog is going to be promises. But no, no, that’s not in the spirit of the Year of Follow-Through). When I decided to take the summer off, I told a lot of people that I wanted to ride my bike and go to the pool every day, and those things are true. More importantly, though, I wanted to do the things I’d been too exhausted or busy or sad to deal with.

You should know that I’m not good at relaxing. My family took busy, educational vacations when we traveled at all. We would trek from landmark to landmark, walking miles each day. I still do this. I hobbled my mom on a trip to New York last year. And I’ve always been an antsy adult. My last year of college, I trained for and finished the Marine Corps Marathon, worked two jobs, played in two music ensembles, and took 18 credits both semesters. And I still managed to take a power nap every day.

Once, about two and a half years ago, I took a sick day during a busy period at work. My boss said, “Relax and feel better,” and I responded with a picture of the cake I had already baked. It was barely 9 am and I really wanted that cake.

So of course I have a list of goals for the coming months. Somehow, none of them quantifies how much time I should be spending at the pool, but I’m sure I’ll add that one after I knock out a few of these.

My goals for July and August of 2016 are:

  1. Build a professional wardrobe
  2. See some sort of art every week
  3. Make, edit, and publish 4 videos (I made this one last summer! The GoPro battery was dead most of the weekend but I don’t think it’s terrible.)
  4. Take care of my belongings and our ridiculously messy home
  5. Weekly meetings with responsible adults
  6. Sew ½ of fabric stash
  7. Bike from Pittsburgh to DC
  8. Make enough money to keep up some fun personal activities and avoid becoming a weird recluse.



5 thoughts on “Summer Goals

    1. I need some lessons in shadiness, I guess. I don’t think I’ve ever subtweeted in my life. As far as the cider and hiking, wait’ll the fall goals list comes out!


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