Checking in After Two Weeks

I have not been writing quite as much for public consumption as I anticipated, although I am working on a few things. Inspired by the most consistent funemployment blogger I know, I thought today would be a good day for a check-in post. I am now two weeks out from my last day of work. How does it compare?

On Friday, July 1st, I anxiously chewed off all of my fingernails by 9:40 a.m. By noon, I was drinking Bloody Mary mix. I standby that decision, by the way. All of the deliciousness is in the tomato juice and seasonings. That afternoon, I ate a wrap at Sticky Fingers and met with someone about the part-time job I’m doing this summer. Today, Thursday, July 14th, by 11 a.m. I have already journaled, showered, finished assembling a dresser, danced to “Formation” at least four times, drank an actual Bloody Mary, and started writing this.

Routines are the first thing to go when you stop working. Meals become sporadic. The only vegetable I’ve had in the last three days is pumpkin bread. Time drags and then skips ahead and oops, now I’m late to my only commitment of the day. I either do the things on my to-do list or I don’t, but I quickly realized that I have no excuses any more. I try to leave the house, see friends, feel productive. I get to decide what productive is. People want to know what I’m doing and I elide over the number of hours spent watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix. If it sounds like my brother and I are having identical funemployments, I’ll emphasize that I started Crazy Ex-Girlfriend first.

Because I am too lazy to write more but feel too guilty to not post something, here’s a quick update on where I am with my goals!


  1. Build a professional wardrobe: On July 4th, Mikey and I went outlet shopping and I bought a blue wool sheath dress and three pairs of work-appropriate shoes. One pair had to be special-ordered in the color I wanted and they haven’t been delivered yet. On July 5th, I bought star-spangled sneakers at Target (pictured above).
  2. See some sort of art every week: July 2nd, Mikey and I saw Next to Normal at the Keegan Theater. The 9th and 10th I went by the Folk Life festival and learned a lot about Basque culture.
  3. Make, edit, and publish 4 videos: Weather is too nice. NO UPDATE
  4. Take care of my belongings and our ridiculously messy home: I cleaned the hell out of the kitchen, bathroom, and hallway. Then I painted a dresser! Look at it! I’m going to put different drawer pulls on it, but I wanted to put clothes in it, so that is what it looks like for now. When I mentioned this project, my friend Ja-Rei asked if I was “crafty, like secretly crafty.” I said “I aspire to be” but I suspect these puppets undermine my case.
  5. Weekly meetings with responsible adults: Just finished one that I’m going to write about! Have another one happening in an hour! Weekly can be an average!
  6. Sew ½ of fabric stash: Apartment has been too messy with the dresser project. NO UPDATE.
  7. Bike from Pittsburgh to DC: NO UPDATE
  8. Make enough money: I’m up to like 11 hours of work so far. Not quite gonna cover my rent at that rate.

IMG_3275Miscellaneous: I cheated at starting a container garden. These plants already had jalapeños and a tomato on them. I’ll only count it a victory if I get more peppers or tomatoes. The zucchini plant will probably need to go into a bigger pot soon but anything that grows on it will be pure profit.


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