Reading List – July 22

On this fine Friday morning, I’d like to share some of what I’ve been reading with you. That way, when you make your weekend trip to the library, which I assume is how everyone spends their weekends, are you suggesting it’s not?, or are looking for something to skim during a slow period at the office, you can read what I read! It’s so great. We’re like an internet book club but some of the books are articles or videos of Michelle Obama.

Recently Read

  • Puttylike – The wise and wonderful Shreya of Depths of TV referred me to this online community for modern-day Renaissance people like myself. They call themselves “multipotentialites.” Maybe you’ve seen the TED talk? It was enlightening for me. I’m enthusiastically powering through their archives.
  • 100 Time, Energy and Attention Hacks to Be More Productive. A supervisor from an internship way back when posted this to Facebook recently. I liked the way they parsed the elements of productivity (time, energy, attention) and have been working on items 6, 40, 42 recently.
  • Asking For It – Kate Harding’s study of American attitudes towards rape and sexual assault, and why those attitudes make it so hard to prevent, take seriously, or prosecute these crimes.
  • Ghettoside – An investigation of the challenges and shortcomings of urban policing during and shortly after the high-crime 80s and 90s in South Central Los Angeles, framed around the murder of one detective’s son. If you haven’t already, I would recommend reading something about the flipside of this, like The New Jim Crow or even Between the World and Me, in general and in conjunction with this book.
  • As little as possible about the RNC and Donald Trump, to minimize feelings of despair.

Recently Watched


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