One Month Check-In

Happy August! I have officially been funemployed for one month. I am at the stage where I feel self-conscious telling people, but also think maybe I should just start chasing freelance work because not going to an office is amazing right now. Perhaps there are more posts in the future of this fine blog.

Recently Read:

  • Working Identity by Herminia Ibarra. She recommends “crafting” a career over trying to plan and execute. Would you guys do a career-oriented book club if I started one?
  • Get Bullish – “Aggressive Lady Advice” are perhaps my three favorite words ever put together. Someone wonderful linked me to her great essay on Social Class in the Office, which led me to a great book about social class in the workplace, which led me to a lot of self-righteous and indignant texts with my siblings. Seriously, would you guys do a career book club? What about a networking group for class-mobile young professionals?
  • Profile of the USA Women’s Olympic 7s squad – I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Recently Watched:

  • Still working through the DNC speeches because they give me all the feels.
  • Bojack Horseman season 3. Watch it and feel all the feels. I fear I might be Diane and my boyfriend might be Mr. Peanutbutter, but there are far worse characters to identify with on that show.

Goal Update:

  1. Build a professional wardrobe: I wore some of the clothes I bought earlier this month to events. I tried to go shopping at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Here’s the thing: I think TopShop is making fun of me but I still want to be cool enough to dress like a slightly toned-down Ilana from Broad City.
  2. See some sort of art every week: At first I thought I had nothing to write here, but then I checked my calendar. July 14th, I saw Weiner with my former colleague. The 18th, I saw Ghostbusters. The 20th, the boyfriend and I saw an Upright Citizens Brigade show at Woolly Mammoth, and the 21st I volunteered at the Fringe Festival. Last week I saw E.T. at NoMa Summer Screen.
  3. Make, edit, and publish 4 videos: I have ideas.
  4. Take care of my belongings and our ridiculously messy home: I figured out which washing machine in the laundry room doesn’t leave soap residue on all of my clothes. Victory! I also did the dishes on a regular basis. Double Victory!
  5. Weekly meetings with responsible adults: I have reached the phase where I don’t just hang out with my friends and call it networking. I still hang out with my friends, but I also met with at least one stranger!
  6. Sew ½ of fabric stash: I bought some patterns, which feels like moving in the wrong direction. My brother-in-law and I are talking about taking a sewing class at a new store in Alexandria. When I’m a better sewist, I will be able to justify buying their beautiful fabrics.
  7. Bike from Pittsburgh to DC: NO UPDATE
  8. Make enough money: I made like $700 in July. If your friends need a dogsitter, writer, or hired hand, I will work for money or free art.

4 thoughts on “One Month Check-In

  1. I’m into career book club and a class at Stitch. I need to start with their basic basic class, but it’s so reasonably priced! (Plus materials?)


  2. i’d love to join a career book club too! i’d heard about that article through “Ask a Manager” who i loooooove (she’s based in DC i believe – maybe your next stranger mtg?).


    1. You’re right! It WAS an Ask a Manager link! I should have known. Alison Green never steers me wrong.

      Do you think she does stranger meetings and do you think I’m cool enough to merit one? Facebook once suggested we be friends.


  3. In for the book club…I have Thrive and Oh! The Places You Will Go! What about making it a book club/workshop where we bounce our ideas off each other?


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