I don’t have much to report. What did I even do last week? I am about to set up my third interview for this week, so COME AT ME BRO. So far, these are all with relatively small organizations and I need to get a sense of how open they are to me coming in and acting like Queen Corporate Bee. I am also hopeful that they will go well and/or some of the bigger places I’ve applied will start calling too.

If you know any high school or college students who need French or English tutoring, give ’em my number.

Come to Career Book Club! Part book club, part workshop, part grumble-fest, ALL FUN.

Recently Read: the Hamiltome. Sometimes I think there must be a limit to how likable, and interesting that whole crew is, but I haven’t found it yet. Your mileage may vary. The book is a string of essays about the creation, casting, and development of the show that simultaneously examines many reasons the show resonates so strongly across the cultural landscape. In between these essays, Lin-Manuel Miranda annotated the libretto with information about storytelling, character development, cut scenes or songs, and some of his favorite jokes.

Recently Watched: Not really anything? Sometimes I watch all the way through Bob’s Burgers again because I like it.

Goal Update:

  1. Build a professional wardrobe: In Quakertown, I tried on some blouses at Loft because what lady doesn’t need some blouses? This weekend, they had a 40% off sale so I ordered a couple, plus some cardigans to try on.
  2. See some sort of art every week: Apparently summer flew by because I only made it to the very end of the last Fort Reno show on August 4 to see local badass and A+ pals Olivia Mancini and the Mates close out the entire concert series. Last Tuesday, the boyfriend and I were out around Gallery Place and we split up to travel home–he wanted to metro with some stuff he was carrying; I had left my bike outside the library. We both ended up at the Navy Memorial, where the Navy Band was performing, which is the best.
  3. Make, edit, and publish 4 videos: I had an appointment at the library’s Editing Studio, but then I realized I’d left my GoPro in my rental car. Hertz found the camera, and I’m going to get it today. Short answer, NO UPDATE. Slightly longer update: Thanks, Hertz!
  4. Take care of my belongings and our ridiculously messy home: I’m trying.
  5. Weekly meetings with responsible adults: Last week I caught up with an old coworker from way back and that was nice.
  6. Sew ½ of fabric stash: I took out some fabric and ironed it and stared at it. I want to copy a really simple shell that I’ve been wearing constantly, but it has this tuck in the middle that I can’t figure out how to replicate.
  7. Bike from Pittsburgh to DC: NO UPDATE
  8. Make enough money: See previous mention of French tutoring.

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