Bonus Material for Career Book Club #2

Come on out to Career Book Club on September 27 and discuss Anne-Marie Slaughter’s Unfinished Business: Men, Women, Work, Family which was WAY MORE about babies than I expected but was also about other good things. We will also for sure talk about our own work-life fits or lacks thereof.

However, the book is not mandatory reading for career book club because you can usually read the intro to a nonfiction book and have a pretty good sense of what’s going on. In case you’re either an overachiever who wants extra background material or would rather listen to a podcast, here I am to enable you! You might consider reviewing:

Why Women Still Can’t Have It AllThe Atlantic, 2012. The article that started it all. I’m curious to reread it as a 30-year-old.

The Unfinished Business of Working Class Equality – SMNTY, June 2016. Slaughter on how a

We Can’t Work All The Time – HBR Ideacast, July 2016. Here, Slaughter focuses on the work side of work-life fit, including creative and effective reforms that could allow workers to prioritize care without halting their own careers entirely.


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