31 Reasons to Donate to My Climate Ride Fundraiser!


  1. You’re looking for a way to commemorate June 6, 2017, my 31st birthday. Good news! You can donate $31 to the Climate Ride and WABA today!
  2. After our President bailed on the Paris Climate Agreement last week, you feel a pressing urge to make a donation to fight climate change.
  3. You love WABA–our region’s oldest and best organization advocating for better laws, knowledge, and infrastructure for bicyclists (which is good for drivers, pedestrians, and the environment too)!
  4. You love riding your bike and were wondering where all these great new bike lanes came from.
  5. You like living vicariously through my Instagram photos while I travel.
  6. You feel safer on the roads knowing that drivers legally should pass you at a distance of 3 feet or more in DC, Maryland, AND Virginia!
  7. You hate traffic!
  8. WABA instructors (like me!) taught you to learn to ride a bike.
  9. WABA instructors (like me!) taught you to ride more confidently in a City Cycling class.
  10. A D.C. Trail Ranger helped you fix a flat on the Metropolitan Branch Trail (or Marvin Gaye or Fort Dupont or the Anacostia Riverwalk).
  11. You’d like to see more women on bikes and fewer men getting unnecessarily worked up when bike advocates correctly use the word “sexism” to describe sexist behavior.
  12. You want me to have more things to write things about, such as a long-ass bike ride.
  13. This 2013 map of Where Climate Change Will Hit First made the rounds in your Facebook timeline this week and you’re like, “That’s really bad.”
  14. You think our nation’s capital should be a leader in biking and walking, setting an example for other cities and countries on how to encourage environmentally friendly transportation.
  15. You want to try riding but you are too embarrassed to ask your intense-seeming friends questions, so you check out WABA’s great resources on the subject!
  16. You think death and injury from car crashes should not happen and you want to see the infrastructure updates, policy changes, and law enforcement that would make Vision Zero a reality.
  17. You like POSTCARDS!!!!! (I love sending postcards. $50 donation or more and I’ll send you one from the ride!)
  18. Sometimes, you like to ride bikes with your kids.
  19. You want the US to be a national leader in cutting greenhouse gas emissions and NOT hugely contributing to climate change or destroying our beautiful environment.
  20. You realize that just because your city isn’t experiencing worse storms, flooding, or droughts doesn’t mean that your behavior doesn’t contribute to it happening in North Carolina, or Tennessee, or California, or the Caribbean, or Mexico, or….. YOU GET IT.
  21. You would like me to stop asking you for donations. (That’s fair! It’d help if you gave!)
  22. Like me, you were inspired by former WABA Deputy Director Nelle Pierson‘s years of excellent work building super-fun events, programs that brought more people to bicycling, and people-focused vision to the organization!
  23. You’re psyched about their new Development Director and want to help them get started with a bunch of general operating funds (the best kind of funds!).
  24. You’re tired of construction blocking your bike lane and amped that you can report it now.
  25. In honor of The Tour de Fat Puppets! Can you believe that was two years ago?!
  26. You’re impressed that I once did a sprint triathlon on a steel road bike.
  27. Your heart melts at the thought of every DC second-grader learning to ride a bike, and then you get pumped at the number of new bicyclists we’re raising in this great city!
  28. You like me! (Aw shucks.)
  29. You like bikes! (Hooray!)
  30. You’re realizing just how much bikes can combat climate change even though you’d never really thought about it before!
  31. You know I’ll put the same effort into this ride and raising money for WABA as I did into coming up with 31 unique reasons to support them through the Climate Ride–which is to say A LOT of effort! 31 is a lot of reasons! But I support WABA for at least 100 reasons so it was totally worth it.

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